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Rahul Mahajan join politics
Rahul Mahajan join politics

Mumbai: India's very own controversy child Rahul Mahajan, after creating a donnybrook of sorts in the Bigg Boss 2 reality contest, is now toying with the idea of following in his father, Pramod Mahajan's footsteps.

Rahul says, "I may join politics."

When asked if something was cooking between him and co-participant Monica Bedi, he says, "Monica and me are friends as of today and nothing more".

Rahul along with other inmates Raja Choudhary, Zulfi Sayed and Ashutosh Kaushik had attempted to jump out of the House by climbing the wall.

According to the rules of the show, no inmate is allowed to leave the House before the completion of the show or before he/she is voted out.

Rahul reportedly said, "I'd rather quit than apologise".

On Saturday, the four inmates jumped the walls of the Lonavala house they’ve been in for over 90 days, just because they had gotten tired of home-cooked food and wanted to eat outside.

The episode of Rahul's exit will be aired on Colors on Tuesday night.

Former Bigg Boss inmate Sanjay Nirupam says he's not surprised by Rahul Mahajan's exit. " They are very indisciplined people. They don't value the rules of the house. But I also think this is all a publicity stunt for TRPs," he said.

However, Rahul admits, "I didn't have an ego clash with Bigg Boss."
Bigg Boss House

Rahul Mahajan came into the news when his father Pramod Mahajan was shot by his own brother and struggled for his life for twelve days before succumbing. Television footage showed him comforting his sister and mother and maintaining a stoic demeanour. There were rumours that Mahajan would be inducted into the BJP to follow his father's footsteps. Pramod Mahajan was a very poor school teacher but rose to power as a politician of BJP. However, exactly a month after his father's death on June 3, 2006, Mahajan was hospitalized after an alleged cocaine overdose. His father's secretary, Bibek Maitra was also rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.The two best friends had imbibed a cocktail of drugs along with champagne. Mahajan recovered, but on his discharge from hospital on July 6 2006, he was arrested by the Delhi Police on charges of drug possession and consumption
The case has become more complex because there are several different versions of what happened that night, and the fact that Apollo Hospital, where the two were admitted, said in a press conference that Mahajan's toxin screens were negative for all known drug types. An independent testing of Mahajan's blood has yielded different results, with high quantities of opiates detected in his blood sample. Apollo hospital has since changed their answer, saying that traces of barbiturates and opiates were found in his bloodstream. The forensics lab, after examining Mahajan's gastric lavage, has declared that heroin had been consumed, probably after mistaking it to be cocaine, and the Indian press has compared the incident to the movie Pulp Fiction.

In July 2006, he got engaged to Shweta Singh-Mahajan someone who he has known for 13 years. They were in flying school together in the US, and also flew for the Indian airline Jet Airways. This engagement is a little controversial in its timing, with people wondering why it was so sudden. The wedding took place on August 29 at 'Blue Sea', a marriage hall at Worli sea face in Central Mumbai near the Mahajan residence.

The marriage was reportedly on rocks for sometime with serious allegation of beating that Rahul meted out to his new wife. Shweta Mahajan filed for divorce on 13-Dec-2007. Shweta has filed for divorce on grounds of incompatibility and mutual consent of both parties. On August 1, 2008, Rahul Mahajan and his wife Shweta were granted a divorce by a Gurgaon court. District and session Judge Ramendra Jain granted them divorce after both the parties mutually agreed on the move.
What should be the Punishment of Pravin mahajan.

Pramod Mahajan (1949-2006)

Bigg Boss House

Rahul Roy is Bigg Boss 1 winner



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