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  • India has worst radiation norms: report

    Soon, you can expect tougher guidelines to deal with radiation with cellular towers. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is in the process of finalising tougher norms for radiation emitting from cell towers. The department hopes that these new norms will help tackling the problem of excessive radiation and the health hazards that it has been causing. 

    An Inter Ministerial Report submitted to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has recommended the cutting down of mobile phone tower radiation by one-tenth of the present level.

    The 5.4 lakh mobile phone towers in the country pose a huge threat to the health of the citizens. Experts say that the amount of radiation emitted from these towers in a day, is equivalent to putting one's body in an oven for 19 minutes! India has the worst cell phone tower radiation norms in the world. The upper limit is so high that within 2 years the health of 1 crore Indians could be affected.

    But if the recommendations of the Inter Ministerial Report on cell phone tower radiation submitted to the Department of Telecommunications are accepted, then soon there will be stricter restrictions on towers being installed near high density residential areas and schools.

    At present we follow the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRIP) guidelines for radiation, which allow a radiation rate of 9.2 watt per sq meter to be emitted. The report recommends this level should come down by one-tenth. At the same time the report clearly states that the safe limit for our health is 1000 times less than even the recommended limit.

    Experts, like Prof Girish Kumar, Head of Department for Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay who have been studying the harmful effects of radiation for three decades, aren't very optimistic.

    “The number of people having health problems is more in the areas where radiation levels are high. We have adopted the worst radiation norm in the entire world,” said Prof Kumar.

    The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has flagged off a large scale research project to examine the health impact of mobile tower radiation

    “It is the largest study in country we will enroll 4500 people. This is a prospective study. Generally only one aspect is covered in such studies but we are covering all aspects and all disorders be it neurological, cancer, cardiac, ENT-related, reproductive, behavioral in this study,” informed Dr RS Sharma, Deputy DG, ICMR.

    Meanwhile, The DoT has not set any time frame for responding to this report.
    source - IBN News

    Cell Tower Radiation
    by Rajesh chopra LiveIndia.com
    NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday sought responses from the Centre and the telecom department on a PIL describing the communication towers put up at prominent locations by mobile phone service providers as health hazards, because they emit electromagnetic radiation. 

    A Bench comprising Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal and Justices C K Thakker and R V Raveendran issued notices to a host of ministries — including home, defence, communications and information & broadcasting — on the PIL filed by an NGO, Karma Jyot Seva Trust. 
    Appearing for the NGO, senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi said the constant electromagnetic radiation from the communication towers could lead to cancer and also cause neurological, cardiac, respiratory and ophthalmological disorders. 

    Stating that there were no government guidelines on the placement of communication towers, the NGO cited a US law prohibiting erection of transmitter towers near schools and residential areas because of the health risk posed 
    by them. 

    With the massive proliferation of mobile phone users in the country, the service providers were putting up transmitters even on dilapidated buildings and thus posing danger to the residents, it said. 
    Cell Tower Radiation : by Rajesh Chopra - LiveIndia.com

    Cell Tower Radiation
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    Cell Tower Radiation : by Rajesh Chopra - LiveIndia.com
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  • mobile tower near bedroom

    Two Tower on Single roof after just 1st. floor.

    Now three Towers

    The man made Electromagnetic Smog has reached such a level that the RF Radiations have started having ill effects on human health, health of animals, functioning of normal household, medical investigatory equipments and even on food products being consumed by everybody. Thus, the phenomenon is like pollution. So far as we have recognized Water pollution, Air pollution, Noise pollution and now we have to recognize the fact of so called Non-Ionizing EMR Pollution (or RF Radiation Pollution) as a fact of life. Similar actions are required to be taken by concerned governance to control Radiation Pollution so that life becomes healthy.

    Use of RF Safety Solutions - Anti Radiation and Radiation Safe Products like Mobile Accessories, Electronic Accessories, Uniforms, Aprons, Medical Outfits, Fabrics, Paints, Glasses, Window Films for less EMF penetration is highly recommended by various social, scientific organizations these days.

    Vulnerabilities of EMR
    All of us know that we are not allowed to operate Mobile Phones in an aircraft because of the reason of interference of the Radiating RF with the Onboard Systems of the aircraft. It is very unfortunate that same analogy is not applied to the living beings although everybody is vulnerable to this continuous RF Radiations. All of us vulnerable to the ill effects of RF EMR but following are more vulnerable as per the existing scientific studies.

    Risk to Pre Adolescent Children
    They are more at risk than adults (12) because of absorption of Microwaves of the frequency used in Mobile Telephony, which creates an object of the size of child’s head and so called “head resonance” (13). The still developing Nervous System and associated Brain Wave activity in the child are more vulnerable to aggression by pulses of Microwaves used in GSM. The increased mitotic activity in cells of developing children makes them more susceptible to genetic damage.

    Children are at the greatest risk, due to their thinner skulls, and rapid rate of growth. Also at greater risk are the elderly, the frail, and pregnant women. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use cell phones, to reduce their exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation.

    Risk to Pregnant Women
    A pregnant woman and the fetus both are vulnerable because of the fact that these RF Radiations continuously react with the developing embryo, increasing cells, because of thermal heat also. When the pregnant ladies either use Mobile Phone or when illuminated with RF Radiations, the developing child can become affected, the developmental mall formation may occur.

    Risk to Human Brain
    Human Brain is the most vulnerable portion to the NIEMR(RFR). Some of the known effects are Neurological effects (14), Increase in ODC (Ornithine De Carboxylase) activity (15), effect on enzymes and free radicals decreasing the brain metabolism (16) 

    Risk to Patients Carrying Pace Makers
    The RF Exposure adversely affects implanted Pace Maker and becomes arhythemical. These radiations may stop Pace Maker from delivering pulses in a regular way or may generate some kind of external controlling pulse putting the patient to death.

    Living dangerously an RF Radiation pollution perspective

    The electromagnetic radiations are being utilized as technological enhancements to the mankind all across the world. During first half of the twentieth century harmful effects of radiation (now known as ionizing radiations) became very evident and lots of remedial actions have been taken. In later 20th century when use of electromagnetic spectrum increased for mobile telecommunications, television transmitters, FM Radio Stations and also Mobile Phones themselves threaten significant increase in the RF Level in various cities particularly in densely populated areas. Broadcasting and household remote-controlling, enormous health effects started taking place by non-ionizing radiations. The mobile telecommunication companies in fact mushroomed the cities in every corner of the world with radiating steel towers. In the over-exuberance of the speed of network roll out and covering the full population for a good communication range, they have not only neglected the structural stability, heritage protection and radiation health effects but also put the general public open to the continuous (24x7) exposure of EMR which is leading to permanent effect on human health and behavior. For example, an effort has been made by us to make every one aware of the NIEMR (Non Ionizing Electro Magnetic Radiation) pollution in Indian cities by measuring the RF levels in North India and particularly Delhi and also of the sites of mobile towers installed at various places, prove that we are living dangerously. This study suggests that similar results would come out in various cities all across the world where ever Radiations norms are not being followed. An effort has also been made by Cogent EMR Solutions to study and suggest what measures be taken by all of us in general and respective Governments to enhance activities to ensure a clean, green and EMR safe world.
    Cell Tower Radiation : by Rajesh Chopra - LiveIndia.com
    ...Cell phone towers are bad for you. Here's why?.......

  • Cell Towers Removed
  • ....What are the Dangers of Living Near Cell Phone Towers?....
    Cell Tower Radiation : by Rajesh Chopra - LiveIndia.com

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    Rajesh Chopra
    Privacy Policy for LiveIndia.Com

    I would like to know what you think about Cell Tower Radiation
    my e-mail ID is --- rajeshchopra@aol.in
    (Subject:- Cell Tower Radiation)

    I would like to know what you think about this article
    my e-mail ID is --- rajeshchopra@aol.in
    (Subject:- Cell Tower Radiation)

    Dear Rajesh, 
    My name is Krishna murthy(65 years) Retired Railway Employee residing under a Cell tower near DAV School, Safilguda(Malkjgiri).
    (You can see the Apartment at http://www.wikimapia.org/#lat=17.4642001&lon=78.543089&z=18&l=0&m=b (409 Plaza Block).
    I am also the sufferrer of the Cell Phone Towers.  Our society persons allowed to install without our consent. 
    I want to consult your regarding the proceedure to remove the cell towers. I had seen your articles published in
    (1) http://www.liveindia.com/news/radiation_towers_removed.html 
    I want to know the actual locationn of the Sardar Patel Hosing Society, Fathenagr, Hyderabad., How to report the matter to the Higher authority. 
     I am herewith sending one Photograph inwhich you can guess how much it is harmful to the inmates of the building. 
     Anticipating a quick reply please. Yours sincerely.
    Krishna Murthy.
    Krishna Murthy <murthy045@gmail.com>

    Dear sir
    We would like to complaint/bring to your notice that a mobile phone tower is installed at the roof of 11/8 kalkaji extension,opp. Nehru Place,near Bhairon Mandir,within very close viscinity of our home 10/9 kalkaji extension for last 5 years app.We are posed with serious health threat and death due to brain tumour due to radiation from this tower and so are others nearby.I  have a 7 year old son ,very vulnerable and a lots of children around.This is a hidden tower on this address in the back lane.We can die a very painful,prematured death along with our close relatives due to this silent killer emitting harmful radiation on us 24 hrs for last 5 years and would go on till we die.This is injustice a an example of utmost greed of this reckless owner of 11/8 kalkaji extension,new delhi-110019,who is receiving some money every month to kill a lots of people as rent for this tower in residential area quite populated,indirectly causing harm to our health.
    Delhi HC has appointed a  Panel to Probe Harmful Effects of Cell Towers.
    We would request you to take immediate action to remove this tower to protect us from this  dreadful ordeal and loss of life.
    kapil manak.10/9 kalkaji extension,New Delhi-110019.

    Respected Sir,
     I want to bring to your kind notice that there is a heavy mobile tower being installed in the residential area of D.D.A. Flats Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019. The address of the House is J-3/103 D.D.A. Flats, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019. The owner of the house has not taken any permission from the association of the colony for the installation of the mobile tower on his roof top. 
    Sir, as you are aware that the dangerous radiations that are being emitted from these mobile towers are not good for small children and as well as for other adult people also.The particular area where the mobile tower is installed is a very densely populated area with a number of small children between the 1 to 9 months. The association has asked the landowner a number of time to remove the tower but he never listens to anybody.
       Sir, it is my humble request to you to please get this deadly tower removed as early as possible so that people are not exposed to the deadly radiations that act as slow poison on the human body especially on the children and the pregnant women. If  no action is taken against the landlord then the poeple of the association shall be forced to move to the court. Expecting a favourable response from your side.
    Thanking You  Yours Faithfully
    (D.D.A. Flats Association)

    Dear Mr. Rajesh,
    I am a resident of Bandra, Mumbai. Recently I have been reading a lot about the hazards caused by cell phone towers and I have been following your articles regarding this issue. Its very important to create a mass awareness because people while giving their building terraces for erecting cell phone towers think only about the money. Actually people don't know the real dangers. 
    There is one Reliance tower on the terrace of my parents' building which is 7 storey. I have stopped taking my 3 yr old son to my parents place because of that tower. But everyone says there are so many kids staying in the same vicinity and they are hale & hearty so don't worry. Then, there is a network of towers over our office building, don't feel like going to the office. I have also read that there is some rule of no cell tower over schools and hospitals, but then one can see a lot of these towers just next to the school/hospital building. 
    I really wish to work and contribute towards the awareness regarding this problem, primarily for my son's safer future. Would request you to guide me regarding the authority, if any, to measure the levels of cell phone radiations. Also request you to let me know whether Govt. of India has any regulations regarding this.
    Awaiting your reply.
    Regards, Sonali Mandlik   sonalimandlik@live.com

    Dear Mr Chopra,
    I require your assistance with regard to removal of Mobile towers in our society. We are in Mumbai. We are presently conducting a signature campaign for the removal of a mobile tower that was installed on a building within our society recently. The members of that building were unaware of the health hazards and agreed to the installation. However, others in the society were not informed and there are buildings very close to the mobile towers who are now concerned about their health.
    The campaign has been initiated by only 3 women and the whole committee is against us. They feel that the signature campaign will not serve any purpose as the contract was signed for 5 years and for 50 lakhs. 
    I need your help so that we can fight the case and ask the mobile company to withdraw their contract and take their tower elsewhere. Where will the society get 50lakhs to pay for failing to keep up to the contract.? Please advise on how to go about it.
    Also, Are there any guidelines set for installations of the tower. in Mumbai? as ours is a residential area.? 

    I read your article on the above-mentioned topic. What prompted me to research on the matter was the fact that a mobile network in my country approached my parents with a proposition to build a cell tower in our back yard for a contracted period of 15 years and pay monthly rent to us of about US$400. Because, I have read your article as well as others on the matter, I will advice my parents not take up the propsition. A prolonged haealth life is worht much more than such money!!

    dear sir,
    I am Sangeet Rajoria, living in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sir, I am planning to buy a flat in an apartment, but on the top of the building, there is a cell phone tower. Building is of 8 floors and the flat which I choose, is on 1st floor.  ir, living in this flat will be injureous for health? I investigated on internet and I came to know that 300 meters distance is safe. but this flat is below the tower, and the builder said that this will not affect, because the rays of tower goes horizontal, So, we will not get in touch directly.
    Sir Please guide me. Sangeet Rajoria 

    Dear Rajesh,
    Your articles on LiveIndia. com regarding the cell phone tower hazards was very impressive and an eye opener.I need your advice on this issue, as I live next to a neighbour who installed an Airtel tower. Now today, I see TATA Docomo erecting tower on the other side of my house, now we may be eventualy sandwiched between two towers within a gap of 100 feet. And having read your article we do not want to take any chances. Also recently we had lightning strikes just 20 feet from the tower , we are also worried if this may be due to cell towers.I'am considering raising a case or draw media awareness  to avoid  the second tower from being erected.
    Kindly let me know If I can discuss this with you over phone or in person if you happen to be in chennai.
     My name is Gokul  -  Please consider this an SOS.I eagerly look forward to hear from you at the earliest.
    Thanks and Regards Gokul

    Dear Rajesh sir, 
    I am staying in the first floor of a rented house. There is a Hutch tower over the terrace. I have heard that  the radiation from the tower won't effect the residents of the building over which the tower is installed, because the rays of the tower goes horizontal,so we will not get in touch directly and due to the absorption of radiation by concrete structure. I have 3 years old daughter. Kindly confirm what I heard is correct or not. If it is incorrect, please guide me what I have to do.
    Gadwal, Mahaboobnagar Distt,Andhra Pradesh.

    Sir, I have read your views on cell phone towers on liveindia.com. In my Group Housing society in sector-62, Noida, management has recently done a secret pact 
    with airtel for installation of cell phone towers on roff of one building (7th floor) which is directly facing another building. They are not listening to any protest and citing court judgements to justify their decision. The society is likely to earn Rs 40000 per month..I would request you to guide how the management can be stopped. Are Group housing societies legally allowed to earn revenue in such a way.
    Thanks Vivek Gupta

    Dear Rajesh, i am staying in a rented house and its very close to hutch tower. whether these cell phone towers are really very dangerous for haelth or not  what should we do . i am really confused and would like to know what should be actually done for this towers because i am not getting any authentic information from anywhere and we are planing to vacate from there.please guide me what we have to do.-- Thanks&Regards.M.srinivasulu

    Dear Mr.Rajesh, 
    Your website covers all kinds of topics well and truly informed. 
    This is about the cell tower radiation effect topic which was quite interesting. Personally I have also observed these towers sprouting in and around NCR region residential areas and especially in Noida. I filed few queries/ with PMO and also to NDTV RTI to check if they were regulated as per norms if any. Technologists have no clue on biology and genetics. They will defend thier interests unless the ill effects are proven with strong correalation. They can see thermal effect which is heat. The biological effects will take time and we all may pay a very heavy price. Alternate solutions to be explored and govt should and must regulate these installations in residential premises and on top of apartments.We all should proceed actively on this. 
    regards Ram

    Dear Sir:   I have read your article about harmful effects of cellphone towers coming up in residential area.  One of such tower is coming up in my own place which is a residential area. The proposed tower will be installing only 20 feets away from my own house and other sorrounding houses in my locality. So, my concern is, should I stop this proposed tower from being installed ? Will it really be harmful in long run as it is going to be installed to a very near distant from my living room. Please advise.

    I have a common wall building in Siliguri (WEST BENGAL)..My neighbour is setting  a Mobile Tower of BSNL without my NOC and the construction is going on 
    full swing. So what should I do to remove that Mobile Tower from there?? Please help pankaj rawat <hacker7740@yahoo.in>

    Respected sir,
    I am working as  Trustee of Grahak Hitwardhini Pune an NGO of Cosumers . I shall be very much thankful to you if u kindky tell me whether Government has given 
    the guidelines to mobile service providers of our country after hearing the PIL filed by an NGO Karam Jyot Seva trust in Delhi Supreme Court. Many other 
    counties have taken steps to avoid the hazards of Mobile towers.  Any such action by our Gorernment?
    With kind Regards.Sharad Kulkarni.

    sir iam verry much confused with this matter mobile is essectial for our daily life but a tower near our home is a Too big problem because i have a baby he is just 14 month age  Idont know how to face this problem. vinod azhikery <vinodapphotographer@gmail.com>

    For the past one year I am coming across many articles about cell phone tower radiation. But only recently I have read your article on Mass killings. I am living in Tamilnadu in a place full of cellphone towers. So I am planning to file a case regarding this. I have bought a house and there are many cellphone towers in the near vicinity. Can you give me ideas and guide me as to how to proceed with it. Can you send me various reports on these towers & any other material that would help me file a suit.  How else can we fight against the erection of cellphone towers in residential areas and in school premises ? Also how to protect us from these deadly radiations? I am a docter and I can imagine the hazards these cellphone towers can cause. It would be of great help if you could give me your valuable opinion. thanking you Dr Ponnudhali
    NUDHALI NAGARAJAN <nudhali@gmail.com>

    I chanced upon your article "stop mass killing-cell tower radiation" while googling the subject on the web. My apartment is on the top floor of our building and we do have this huge towers on the terrace of our building. Could you advise or direct  me on the best tools to measure the radiation levels in my apartment?  Until recently these towers were placed right across on another building which was recently demolished..
    Looking forward to your help..
    George Abraham <benoyjorj@yahoo.com>

    Hi sir,
    I am an indian citizen named MUHAMMED SHAREEF N living in kerala.I have read  ur article on CELLULAR TOWERS alot (on liveindia). 
    Currently we are facing a problem on launching a new airtel cellular tower near my home.It is very dangerous as there are a school ,a hospital and a mosque near by.It needs very special attention as the plot they are seeking is in btw so many houses including mine.I (let me tell you with very sadness) alone filed a case on the same issue 4 years before.And the last sitting will be called soon .I have spent alot of money ( more than 30,000rs) on the case.
    I searched various reports ,any court orders if any on the same issue regarding the prevention of the erection of cellular towers in crowded area. 
    Sir if you have any reports,any news ,if you know any court involvement in launching of cellular towers in crowded places and whatever you have please send me to this email.(I have taken several printed copies of your report)
    Pls sir.... as i found myself to loose the right to live with every rights that indian republic offer to a citizen. 
     with wide open eyes....waiting for your reply........
    your's faithfully,
    KERALA - SHAFEEQ N K <schapheeq@gmail.com>

    Dear Shri Chopra,
    I came across your articles/comments on LiveIndia.com when I was searching for info regarding radiation from cellular tower installed on residential bldgs. I found them very useful. From my discussions with some others in this field, I have concluded that radiation from a tower does not affect the residents of the building on which it is installed due conical to shield type effect and absorption of radiation by concrete structure. We get affected by radiation from towers installed in nearby buildings. In other words, if one has to choose from buildings (a) Having cell tower on its terrace & (b) building close to (a)he should select (a) as he will be protected. Please confirm if my understanding is correct. I am working with ONGC as Chief 
    Engineer (Electrical). Regards
    RAJEEV BANSAL <rbansal1984@yahoo.com>

    Dear Rajesh 
    Hi and greetings from MUMBAI..I appreciate the good work done by you in Spreading awareness about the Health hazards related to EMR..
     I would like to speak to you in this regard on a specific issues Do let me have your Telephone numbers and i Shall speak to you..
     regards. HAri Shetty

    Dear Sir
    I want to now about mobile tower guidelines what it is right to stand a mobile tower in school compound and what can i do for this so pls help me about this matter
    Thank You
    Vinod Upadhyay 

    Dear Mr.Chopra,
    I read your articles while searching for ill effects of mobile towers on net. I stay on the 4th. floor of a building. I have a terrace flat. The building next to us is a three storey building and their terrace is at the same level as my flat. This building has installed 3 different cell phone antennae on the terrace and one of them is just 20 ft. away from my windows and open terrace and other is abot 40 ft away. I fear that my family will be continuously exposed to radiations day and night and can be detrimental. The land lord of the opposite building is paid 26 L per annum rent for the terrace by cell phone co and is not willing to give it up. I would request you to guide me as to what can be done in this respect.

    Dear Shri. Rajesh Chopra,
    I have seen your website and I creating opinion againt cell phone towers I have been oppossing the installation which done in my industrial society for a long time. But I am the sole managing committee member opposing this matter. I ahve networked to many citizens and forming a group in MUMBAI. If any body from is contact please giove his contact. to me form the proper group. 
    We are a group of RTI users. 
    Bhaskar Prabhu
    Convenor - Mahiti Adhikar Manch

    Dear Mr. Rajesh,
    Mobile Tower of Tata Teleservices was installed in the roof  Apartment. When we came to know that the towers was installed without our knowledge. Then we started movement from 2005 against the said tower. After all the authority of said mobile co. removed the steel structure of the tower. But they did not dismantled the concrete structure and occupied huge space in the roof of the flat.
    Pls. suggest what to do?
    Amit Kr. Carr
    D-4, Mallika Apartment,Near Carmel Jr. College,Sonari, Jamshedpur-831011

             I knew about you through www.liveindia.com while searching about mobile tower. And I need to know about harmness of mobile tower because in adjacent of my house a mobile tower is going to eract. If there are some real harmfull evidences of mobile tower, please help me by sending some evidence records as 
    well as details of harmness of mobile tower as earlier as possible in this Email Id.
    Thanks and Regards
    Govind Agrawal

    Mr. Chopra,
    First of all Congratulatation and best of luck for your current article it create a mass awareness about cell phone tower hazards was very impressive and an eye opener. Now, i would like to know the cases filed to remove such type towers on the ground of HEALTH, POLLUTION AND ENVIRONMENT from the residential area's as early as possible because i would like to file case for removing the tower from my flat in gujarat. Hope you might have the data's ready and it will be helpful to me sir. Please do the needful urgent and oblidge.
    -Rakesh Mehta

    Hello Sir My name is Gajjar Hardik. I live in Sarakhej, Ahmadabad.Near my home one mobile tower and i know it effect me and my family.
    Approximately 100mt distance between my home and tower.  i hope you help me.
    Your faithfully    Gajjar Hardik 

    I have read your article on Cell Tower Radiation, one of my neighbour has installed Reliance Tower inhis terrace, I need to know if there is any device to detect how much radiation is coming from thistower, please let me know. 
    Thanks Regards 

    Dear Sir, 
    I am a resident of Cochin. Kerala. I recently bought a house and there is Cell Tower near the our house within the 50 meters. At that time I was not aware of the bad effects of the tower. I have a small kid and I am very worried for her sake too. We have not started residing there. Can you advice me on what to do to avoid the bad effects from affecting our health? How can I get the place tested for radiation? 
    Warm Regards-- Asha

    I had gone through your article titled "Cell tower dngers" on liveindia.com, regarding risks from cell tower radiations. But in fact the radiations emitted from cellphones are very very high compared to the radiations reaching your body from cell towers, which I can prove instrumentally. Cellphones emit pulsating radiations continuously every second even in standby mode for tracking its position with the tower and when it receives call, the intensity of radiations emitted from cellphone increases tremendously. Under such scenario many researchers have concluded that the radiations from cell phone are enough powerful to damage body cells and alter their normal metabolic and physiological functions which results into several health disorders on long term such as cancer and tumour etc, which you are very well aware of. Now the most important issue is the protection against cell phone radiations in genuine way, for which I have a proven  solution. i.e Waveban Cellphone Radiation Shield. Its a slim card made up of radiation blocking material, which is to be placed behind your cellphone in your pocket so that it acts as a shield between you and  your cellphone by blocking the entry of radiations emitted from cellphone into your body, which again we can prove by demonstration. If you need more information, you are free to call me.
    Amrut Miskin Waveban Technologies

    respected sir 
     i am staying in a builing where 1 st and 4 th floor are in my possesion and ground 2 and 3 floor are in possesion of other one person so we are only two owners in the whole building \on the terrace there has been erupted mobile towers of airtel and idea. the other owner has got both thesse towers installed without our knowledge and this is done only for money on the first floor there is our surgical and maternity hospital what should we do sir 
    whether these cell phone towers are really very dangerous for haelth or not not what should we do  i am really confused and would like to know what should be actually done for this towers because i am not getting any authentic information from anywhere please guide me 
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