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Deepika Padukone In Hotel Shower Drama

Drop dead gorgeous Bollywood star Deepika Padukone had to be rescued from a hotel shower cubicle early this morning.

Miss Padukone was taking a shower in her suite on the 8th floor of Mumbai's prestigious Royal Raj Hotel. She left her silk dressing gown on the bed and luckily, the door to the bathroom wide open. She was by herself.

When she had finished washing, she discovered the glass door to the cubicle was stuck fast. For half an hour she tried opening it. But to no avail. Fortunately, she then heard a knock on the main door to the suite. It was 16 year old Mahadev Singh who was delivering Deepika's glass of pure orange juice. "Come In", shouted Miss Padukone.

Mahadev was then able to take a long look at the shower
 cubicle and eventually work out a method of opening the door. It only took him half an hour.

"Poor Miss Padukone", said Hero Mahadev after he had rescued her. "She was very brave considering she was entirely naked", he explained. 

"It's a pity it took so long for me to turn the door handle". 

"But I had to work out whether to turn it to the right, or to the left." 



Deepika Padukone In Hotel Shower Drama

Deepika Padukone Biography
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