Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi
Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi
Once upon a time, there lived a sage called Mrikandu with his wife Marudvati. Both were devotees of Shiva. The couple was childless, and so decided to perform austerities so they would be blessed with a child. Then one day, Shiva appeared before them. Shiva asked the couple if they desired an ordinary son who would live a long life, or an exceptional son who would live a short life. The couple asked for the latter.
Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi
In due course, Marudvati gave birth to a boy and the child was named Markandeya (literally: son of Mrikandu). Markandeya was an exceptionally gifted child, and became an accomplished sage early in his childhood. He was especially devoted to Shiva, and had mastered the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. At the age of sixteen, his time on this earth had come to an end, and so Yama, death personified, came to take him away. At the time, Markandeya was in a temple worshipping the icon of Shiva (Shiva Lingam). 
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Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi
When he saw Yama, out of fright, Markandeya grabbed a hold of the Shiva Lingam and asked Lord Shiva to protect him. Yama threw his noose around the boy-sage, which encircled the Shiva Lingam too.
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Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi
Suddenly, the Shiva Lingam burst open with a thundering roar and a majestic, fiery form of Shiva appeared out of the blazing light. Enraged that Yama should have the audacity to encircle the Shiva Lingam with his noose, Shiva struck down Kala (Yama is also called Kala, time, since time brings death to all things) with His trident, and Kala was no more. Markandeya was spared from death. Shiva blessed Markandeya with eternal life and proclaimed that he shall forever remain a sixteen-year-old sage. The assembly of Devas who had witnessed the spectacle begged Shiva to revive Yama, as a world without death would put unnecessary burden on the earth. Shiva then revived Yama, and declared that His devotees were forever to be spared from the noose of Yama.
Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi
Since that day, the fiery form of Shiva that appeared to save the boy-sage Markandeya is called Kalasamhara Murti
Markandey Mahadev Temple Varanasi

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What does Shivlinga means? 
The word Ling in shiv ling has come from two words that is Leen and Gati. 
Leen means dissolve and Gati means grow. It means man should dissolve(Leen) 
in shiva  then he should grow(Gati). (leen+ga)= ling. 
Most people around the globe think that meaning 
of ling in concerned with gent's sex point but this is 
totally wrong theory. These are my views.  Rajesh Chopra
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