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Aquarians playing roughgames should watch theirshins and ankles; but aquariusalso rules the circulation ,andcirculatory difficulties ( Varicose veins, hardeningof the arteries) may arise inold age.
Your Key Word = Friends

Positive = Human Fellowship, Genius

Negative = Perverse, unpredictability

Element = Air

Ruling planets = Saturn, Uranus
Comments =

The Aquarians may be too much of a dreamer. They make plan but seldom carries them out. They are rather unrealistic. Their imagination has tendency to run away with them because of their impractical plans. These people are usually very honest and forthright. These are two greatest qualities of Aquarius. He would never do any thing to hurt others feelings. He is never unkind or cruel. Aquarius has no trouble getting along with others. Remember You are always not more clever and intelligent than others.

ARIES: They are good looking, very artistic and humane. Quick in striking a friendship, they are enduring and loyal in a relationship. I can't help but love such refined persons.

TAURUS: They are quiet and reserved. I respect their intellect and artistic traits. But they tend to philosophize a bit too much; they are so detached that they seem indifferent to life. No doubt they are friendly, but somehow we lack intimacy.

GEMINI: Highly talented and yet unassuming, they interest me. They never have any complaints; they always look at the positive side.How easily they laugh away the miseries of life! It is good to know such people. I love them sincerely.

CANCER: They are devoted in love and marriage; true and sincere as friends, they are people of integrity. But it is their unconventional life style that disturbs me. And also they seen so detached and aloof. We are good acquaintances, but that is all there is to our relationship.

LEO: I see great depth of character in their reserved, quiet demeanor. Their mastery of metaphysical subject and their keen interest in art fascinates me. They are consistent in their friendship and affection. I would love to marry an Aquarian.

VIRGO: They are warm and sympathetic, helpful to others and honest in their dealings. But their worry free nature is slightly immature. They tend to take life too easily and hardly struggle to achieve recognition, although they claim to be reformers and involve themselves in humanitarian causes. I find they lac a strong purpose in life.

LIBRA: Great lovers of art and things artistic, they are the geniuses of this world. They are good conversationalists and make genial companions. Sincere and honest in relationship, they are extremely gentle and polite. I love them and have an easy rapport with them.

SCORPIO: I grant them their keen intellect, but do not like their idle spiritualism. They are irrational in their outlook and have an easy answer to most of the complexities of existence. But I have nothing against them as individuals, since they are truthful and genuine in their affections.

SAGITTARIUS: They are quiet friendly towards me. I like their simplicity and unobtrusiveness. But they seem to be devoting more time to their so-called 'humanitarian' causes, than to anything more fruitful. Still, I like them for their selflessness and warmth.

CAPRICORN: I think they are somehow 'lucky' in life. That is why they can talk of philosophy and devote their time to art. True, they are determined in their own sphere of activity and usually succeed in achieving their goals by fair means. But I do not like their superiority complex, which shows itself in their over calm personality.

AQUARIUS: They devote more time to the affair of people in general than to those of any individual in particular. They may be neglecting a close friend or a member of their own family in their pursuit of humanitarian causes. They are truly spiritualist and honest in beliefs and action. If they could pay a little more attention to their families, we could be ideal partners.

PISCES: They are deeply sympathetic, and inspire courage and confidence in other. Their sunny outlook and happy-go-lucky nature is highly infectious. I respect their love of spirituality and of Nature. They are enduring as friends, always helpful in times of need.

Nibble your way to Health
IF You are a true Aquarian, you should be tall and slander. Of course, the presence of any planet in your sign at the time of your birth can make quite a difference to your physical appearance. You are not over fond of eating. You have less interest in food than any other sign in zodiac. You are a light eater, someone who nibbles and lives off snacks. Since you are frugal eater, you need frequent replenishment. But see that you nibbled on less calorie-filled foods. If fond of fruits you may go in for apple, peaches, bananas and pineapples, whenever you feel the urge to eat. Stay off fried stuffs. Generally, it is very difficult for an Aquarian to put on weight, but once they do, they can forget about losing it. So better be on guard.  Aquarius governs legs, calf-muscles, and blood circulation. You are susceptible to infectious diseases. Tonsillitis, toothache, ear-trouble can also be source of inconvenience.  Being of a nervous disposition, tension occurs easily to you. Surprisingly it has been noticed that you are very emotional and sensitive. It is surprising because your ruler Saturn has a tendency to make its subject cold, ruthless and detached. But itís not the case with you. You have to watch your blood pressure. Have a blood count done frequently. You can be rigid and unreasonable when it comes to health care. It appears you do not care much about your health. Granted that yours is an intellectual sign and you live on principles, it is better you take necessary precautions to maintain good health. In sickness you are a very difficult person. When unwell someone must really coax you into taking medicine. The problem is that you always feel that nothing is seriously wrong with you. Naturally being endowed with a lot of recuperative power, you come out of your troubles quite fast. So you donít conform to the general pattern of taking proper medicine and rest. But if youíre struck with troubles like skin disease, or frequent high fever, you should consult your physician and follow the line of treatment. You generally rise early in the morning. Fond of tea youíll take couple of cups, if not pots of tea, to wake you up. Not particular about breakfast, you do mind a glass of juice or some fresh fruits for breakfast. Throughout the whole day you wonít eat anything substantial. Endless rounds of tea and coffee will keep you going. You may munch a biscuit or a toast in between.

Many Courses
You dislike formal dinners. If anyone thinks that a well spread out table will convert you into a gourmet, it is a mistake. You do like variety but shrink away at the sight of so many dishes laid out on the table. The best way to make you eat your meals properly is to serve you food in courses. But make sure that the quantity is small, for an Aquarian dislikes the soup filled to the brim. But you must have enough time to savour each and every delicacy presented to you. It is quite common that Aquarians avoid going to evening shows or the theatre, for it interferes with their suppertime. And if it were obligatory for them to attend some such function they would prefer to come home and have their meals after the function rather than hurrying through it earlier. You are quite disciplined in your eating habits. You will never fall ill due to dietary indiscretion. Yes, some of you could suffer from deficiencies due to neglect. So make it a point to eat properly. Of course you canít stop yourself from nibbling, but you can reduce it by having a proper lunch. It is quite possible that most of you shirk physical discipline. Some of you would remark that you are too intelligent to worry about physical culture. But it may not be wise on your part to neglect physical activities. You must make a habit to do some exercise everyday. Your routine work, or walking a mile or two, may not be enough to keep you in shape. You must do more vigorous exercise to remain healthy and fit. Else your sedentary lifestyle could throw your system out of gear, and by the time you reach fifty you could be in deep trouble. You must really sweat it out the first thing in the morning. Remember to wear something on your person for exposure could also cause trouble

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