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Arians tend to have headaches
more readily than most, for Aries
rules the head ; they may also 
be headstrong, suffering from 
sudden rushes of anger.
Your Key Word = SELF

Positive = Courage, Initiative, Pioneer, Instinct.

Negative = brash rudeness, Selfish impetuosity.

Element = Fire

Ruling planets = Mars, Pluto
Comments :-

Don't irritate quickly, you are very hard worker and quite strong You always seems to remain young. The Aries person usually has a quick and active mind. Remember you must listen more and talk less.

ARIES : . They fail to see the other person's point of view. They can be inconsiderate and ruthless. If only they could curb their hot temper, we could live tolerably together.

TAURUS : I like their optimism. They are a bit too flamboyant for my liking. But I appreciate their truthfulness and sincerity. In love, they are inconsistent.

GEMINI : They are innocent and like able. I like their fire and dash. We make good friends. But in love, they are too intellectual and logical; and in sex, too disciplined to suit my taste.

CANCER : They are not serious. They hardly understand the deeper side of life. They are superficial, a flirtatious lot. They talk of ethics and discipline, but lack both. I don't like them.

LEO : Arians are great. It's good to be in love with an Arian. But though they pay you plenty of compliments, they are not generous with gifts or presents. But the way they pamper me, compensates for all their shortcomings. I like their disciplined life style.

VIRGO : Arians are futile idealists. They waste their time in theorizing. How can I like people who do not believe in a secure life? They leave everything to chance, and do not like to plan their future. Associating with such people is fraught with danger.

LIBRA : Arians seek to make an impression and, of course, they generally succeed. They appreciate art, and understand my views on life. They are romantic and match my own sex drive. I would love to marry an Arian.

SCORPIO : They stimulate my interest, but their lack of consistency drives me almost crazy. I have always failed to hold onto them, much as I would like to. They lack purpose in life, changing from one thing or one partner to another. They could work wonders, if only they stuck to one thing at a time.

SAGITTARIUS : Arians attract me. Their intellect and optimism are inspiring. They are good friends and never let me down in times of need. They add colour to any occasion and they are intensely romantic. I can't help falling in love with such fiery people.

CAPRICORN : They scorn materialism, and that is an unrealistic approach to life. It's understandable if they dislike security, as they put it; but an utter disregard of normal conventions makes them immature. I cannot like such people.

AQUARIUS : We are great friends. But the Arian philosophy of life is more intellectual than spiritual, and I do not appreciate that. They make good love-partners, but lack depth and finesse. And in matters of sex they can be impatient, too 'physical', I would say. But nevertheless I love them.

PISCES : If only I could attract an Arian my love-life could become interesting. But we are opposites. They are out-going while I like solitude. I seek them only when I feel depressed and dull, otherwise I keep them at a distance. I cannot tolerate their temper.

Avoid the Bottle
You generally enjoy good health. Born with lot of physical energy you are likely to use it up in your hectic work schedule, games and sports. Despite being a voracious eater, you manage to maintain a slim figure. You have enough natural immunity to infectious diseases, but being fiery and aggressive by nature, you could be accident-prone. Those who work in factory or operate machines have to exercise great caution against accidents. Aries governs the head. It is very likely that you suffer from frequent headaches, migraine or sinusitis.

Ear, nose and throat, could also give you cause for complaint. You require plenty of rest and sleep. Where diet is concerned, emphasis should be on wholesome nourishing food. Learn to masticate your food well. You always seem to be in a hurry and thatís where your problems begin. You may be pretty energetic, but you are extremely impatient too. People like you should stay off liquor. You are likely to gulp a drink or two before settling down to enjoy your evenings. Where most heavy drinkers avoid eating after drinking alcohol, in your case it could be reverse. Even after bouts of heavy drinking, you desire to eat full meal. Your digestive system is frequently required to work overtime to keep pace with your idiosyncratic eating habits. And somehow you always choose to have an elaborate dinner and retire to bed immediately thereafter. Insomnia is another problem largely due to irregular eating habits. You should have a good breakfast before dashing off to work. Donít skip lunch. In a way, you like to starve yourself so that once your are free to eat you can gorge to your heartís delight. You tend to drink a lot of tea and coffee. Keep a check on that.

Avoid tension and excitement and give yourself time to sit and enjoy your meal. Rest assured youíd never have weight problems that way.

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