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JUNE 21 - JULY 23
Cancerians traditionally tend toworry more than most, and sinceCancer rules the stomach theirtensions may provoke stomachupsets or even ulcers.
Your Key Word = Family

Positive = Symapathy, Homing instinct

Negative = Clannishness, Childishness

Element = Water

Ruling planets = Moon
Comments =

You are too sensitive and a'bit lazy. Some times you find it hard to face life but you have very understanding nature. On the whole you are a loving and sympathetic person. You would never go out of your way to hurt any one. Remember avoid childishness thinking.You attract opposite sex very much. My son Robin is also a cancerian

ARIES: They baffle me, they are so prosaic and physical. They have no interest in intellectual matters. Though they can make good friends, their emotional insecurity scares me. I feel they would bind me to a conventional life.

TAURUS: They are people of deep understanding. Sincere in friendship, trustworthy in love. They would rather hurt themselves than cause unhappiness to others. I like them.

GEMINI: They are impossible - too slow and dull. They call me names and think I am a flirt. But I think that they are self-centred, ambitious and jealous.

CANCER: If they overcome their lethargy we could establish good understanding between ourselves. But love is a different matter. Somehow their career seems to be more important than any relationship with others.

LEO: Their tendency to cling frightens me. And they take too much interest in mundane affairs. Their outlook is rather commonplace and matter-of-fact. They mean no harm, I agree; but somehow we are very different types.

VIRGO: They are all right. We are quite friendly. So what if we take pains to establish our careers? After all, that's the way of the world. I find them loyal and faithful.

LIBRA: Physically, they attract me. But somehow they keep me at arm's length. I like to attend their parties - they serve good food! But we don't really click.

SCORPIO: Great friends! Ardent and faithful as lovers. I like their physical strength - and their prowess in the art of love. They respond well to my aggressive nature. We get on well.

SAGITTARIUS: They are reserved and aloof. All my efforts to establish a more intimate relationship with them, are in vain. They are very choosy about whom they go about with, very clannish and sectarian. I don't like them.

CAPRICORN: Generous and kind-hearted, they give complete freedom to their partners. Their views on love and sex are clear and uncomplicated. We have great rapport with each other. I love them. Ours is a happy marriage.

AQUARIUS: They never discuss philosophy or take an interest in spiritual matters. Though they have good taste in dress and live in style, they are not artistic enough for me. Their views on life are too conventional and traditional. They lack finesse in matters of love and sex.

PISCES: We are good friends. I find them sympathetic and sincere. They love home-life. They have great depth of character, but are charmingly modest about their achievements. We like each other and get along marvelously.

Take to the Water
CANCER, the fourth sign of the zodiac marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is cardinal water sign, and those governed by this sign are generally active and strong. If you are a Cancer subject here are few tips to maintain good health. You are a study in contradictions. One day you are eager, energetic, the next you are quiet and withdrawn. You are fond of eating: you may be an experienced cook yourself. After thoroughly indulging yourself, you tend to go on a crash diet to maintain the balance. You crave for food that is comforting and filling as well. Rice seems to be a must in your diet. Those of you with a taste for alcohol drink like fish. You don’t believe in small doses as far as eating and drinking are concerned. It has been observed that most Cancerians keep in poor health during childhood, becoming strong and healthy, as they grow older. As the zodiac sign Cancer governs the chest and stomach, these are the most vulnerable parts of your body. Due to overeating, or drinking habits, you are likely to develop a paunch by the time you reach 40. You have not only to guard against an increase in your waistline, but you have to take care of both the pulmonary and the digestive systems. Female Cancerians are known for going on emotional binges. An unhappy love affair is usually followed by an increase in weight. Swimming is a good exercise for you. Most of you become lethargic in your late 30s and give up all exercise. Those who take to yoga may succeed in keeping their body in shape. Since your ruling planet is the Moon, you are prone to suffer from spells of depression. Worrying could be the chief cause of all your ailments. If you can control your mind you’ll be able to control your body. Many of you are likely to be vegetarians. Those who believe vegetarians have a lesser range of delicacies should take a few tips from Cancerians. You relish dairy products. In spite of your weak constitution, you can easily digest milk and cheese. Fresh fruits are your weakness. Try to avoid bananas or dry fruit in your diet. You are so fond of eating that you will actually take the trouble of finding places that serves the best food in town. For you, the best outing is not complete if it doesn’t include a good appetizing meal. For that matter, holidays are always looked forward to as days of feasting. You cannot be considered much of an outdoor person. You may be active and love to travel but your basic interest is in a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep. Those of you, who are “lucky” enough to achieve financial security, project a picture of perfect calm and contentment. Avoid heavy foods, alcoholic drinks and stimulants. Try to have an occasional liquid diet to shrink the stomach. Stay off sweets. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Add a little physical exercise to your daily routine and you’ll remain healthy and fit.

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