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Geminians may tend to breakcollar - bones and arms , which are ruled by this sign ; they may also find that colds fly immediately to their chest and lungs, and should guard those areas.
Your Key Word = Mind

Positive = Versatility,

Negative = Capriciousness, Unreliability

Element = Air

Ruling planets = Mercury
Comments =

Some times the Gemini person tries to do too many things at one time - and as a result, winds up finishing nothing. Literature and art appeal to the person born under this sign. You are real creative, charming and good talker. Most of you have not happy married life. You are always top in studies. Gemini's are best friends. My daughter Cristy is also Gemini

ARIES: They are intelligent and highly understanding; I like their easy manners. They are good friends, for they don't bore you with problems or family wrangles. They make pleasant companions and witty conversationalists.

TAURUS: They may be popular, but I don't like their flirtatious outlook. They are so immodest in the way they dress and they have no respect for conventions. Their friendships is superficial and makes me doubt their sincerity. I cannot trust them in matters of love.

GEMINI: Once they are really and truly in love, they could make devoted partners. They wish to do too many things at a time, which he makes them inconsistent in their careers. Nevertheless, they are good companions.

CANCER: A talkative lot. Pretentious and self centered. They pay far too much importance to outward appearances. No depth. I can never get along with them.

LEO: Good entertainers, they are very sociable. Only, at time, their behavior in large gatherings shock me - they don't care for anything or for any person, and stick to their own convictions. But they are quite friendly towards me.

VIRGO: They are real Casanovas. Although they may be fun as acquaintances, they are a bit rowdy and loud. If you begin to be intimate with them with the idea of marriage in mind, you are sure to suffer a nervous breakdown!

LIBRA: I like them. They are so natural and easy in their approach. They dress stylishly and I like their choice of colours. As lovers of art and the theater, they make pleasant companions.

SCORPIO: They are mere talkers, and they think that they know everything. But I think they are nuts! They lack proper discipline - in everything. I wonder how they manage to have so many love affairs. But then, their involvement's are just fleeting and temporary.

SAGITTARIUS: Great lovers: can't resist them! They make sex more interesting by talking about it. They are always the center of attraction, especially at parties. Just knowing them is an exciting experience. I would happily marry one of them.

CAPRICORN: They risk everything in experimenting with new ideas. This could be disastrous. If they were more cautious they would be more successful in life. In love and sex, too, they lack prudence.

AQUARIUS: Their desire to know and understand the meaning of life, attracts me. Though they are thinkers, they respond favorably to things beautiful and artistic. I love them.

PISCES: Somehow we never get along. They devote so much time to frivolities, and don't try to cultivate deep attachments with anybody. That is why, in spite of their large number of acquaintances, they have only a few friends, perhaps none. Their approach to love and sex is scandalous!

Skip Snacks not Meals
We now discuss what makes Geminians healthy and sprightly in spite of they being culinary sybarites. Yes, in this respect Geminians can be termed lucky. You generally lead an active life that may be the reason for your sound health. You have a nervous, busy temperament and always involved with work that requires more mental strain than actual physical labour. It is said that Geminians live on nervous energy, which allows for much accomplishment. But you have to guard against mental strain, which could leave you exhausted. No doubt you lead an active life, but that is no excuse for not taking any physical exercise. If you see someone going through files and business reports while commuting by train or car, chances are that this person is Gemini-born. Your life style could make you high strung and irritable. It is generally through worry and anxiety that you ruin your health. A little exercise and rest could keep you in good physical condition. Your nervous system, arms and hands, along with the respiratory tract, is cause of concern. You may develop allergies of a respiratory nature requiring medical attention. Like Aries, you detest sickness and whenever you fall ill, you immediate rush to doctor. More often than not most Geminians can attend to minor problems themselves. But you tend to believe that popping tablets is magic potion that should give you instant relief. So you continue with your routine, consequently suffering from lack of rest. If you can manage a good sleep, most of your ailments will vanish. But then you are the last to retire to bed at night. You donít wish to miss any excitement after a busy day.

The Party-Going Type
A regular partygoer, you try to pack too many engagements into a single day. Naturally, you are not working hard just to earn laurels and riches. You want to enjoy yourself and eating is a delightful pastime for you. Due to your occupation you get around so much that you have sampled a lot of different cuisine. You are one of those who are pretty up-to-date on the latest food. It is very likely that you are the owner of a pastry shop. Though you know that stimulants are bad for your nerves, you continue to indulge in drink. Women born under this sign are always nibbling at something or the other. You are known for occasionally skipping your meals. You have a taste for spicy foods and are prone to suffer from indigestion due to your indiscriminate eating habits. What you need most is a balanced life style. You must stop doing things in fits and starts. Regular exercise, regular meals and rest, will keep you healthy and fit. Geminians are rarely over weight. So you do not suffer from the usual hang ups about waistline and sagging muscles. But internally, you may not be free from troubles. Your over active mind could play mischief with your nerves. Perpetual headaches, backaches, colds, and flu could give you trouble. And since Gemini governs the lungs, all pulmonary afflictions should be attended to immediately. To keep yourself healthy have a light breakfast, and if possible, include honey in your diet. Try raw vegetables, salad, or fruit juices for lunch. Have a good nourishing, protein-rich dinner, but at a proper time. Avoid after dinner beverages. Learn to relax.

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