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Scorpio's associationwith the sexual organscan lead to impotence inmales; more usually the effect is 
psychological, and scorpiomay be stimulated to violent 
emotions as well as actions.
Your Key Word = Sex

Positive = Survival, Regeneration

Negative = Vengeance, Discord

Element = Water

Ruling planets = Mars, Pluto
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Why are you always unsatisfied? The scorpioans are quite sincere and care very much for others. They are sincere in all kinds of relationship. The scorpioan person is sometimes hypersensitive. Often they imagine injury when there is none. They feel that others do not bother to recognize him for their true worth. The scorpioan person's interest in sex is sometimes quite unbalanced or excessive.

ARIES: I admire their independent spirit and sense of freedom. But I think they are too self-centered and inflexible. They dwell more on the physical plane, weighing everything in terms of worldly success. I avoid establishing any intimacy with them.

TAURUS: They are people of strong character. I like their confident and forceful ways. They make good, steady partners in love and I would happily approve of marriage with them.

GEMINI: They are difficult to get along with. Although they talk well and have refined tastes, they remain so aloof. In love they are slow to be aroused; I lack the patience to set them afire! They could be dangerous if slighted.

CANCER: I appreciate their views on life. They are devoted lovers, though a bit too aggressive. I love them. Our likes and dislikes in domestic matters, like the choice of a home, are identical. As friends, too, they are helpful in times of need.

LEO: They attract me, but somehow the attraction is not sustained, and does not lead to marriage. Rather, they seem to compete with me in the career game. Our friendship can turn into mutual hatred. I keep them at bay.

VIRGO: Consistent in friendship and sincere in love, they are trustworthy; you can safely confide in them without the risk of betrayal. Good judges of character, they are impartial. I like them.

LIBRA: I like them as lovers; but it is difficult to disentangle oneself from their love nest. To flirt with them is to invite trouble. They are not artistic, though I do not doubt their good taste. They are good as acquaintances, and that is all there is to our friendship.

SCORPIO: Why can't they be more flexible in their approach? So long as you go along with their vies, they accept you. But they do not brook criticism, though they themselves are highly critical of others. Still, they make good companions in life.

SAGITTARIUS: Too serious and skeptical for my liking. I do not like their self proclaimed 'radical' views. Their dislike of tradition or established conventions alienates them from many. They are coarse in matters of love and romance. We do not click.

CAPRICORN: They are persons of deep understanding and intelligence. I like their practical approach to life. They don't delude themselves with false utopian values. They make good partners in love.

AQUARIUS: We respect each other - but that's all! They are rational to the point of irrationality. If they delve into mysticism or the occult, they go to extremes. They lack finesse in thought and action.

PISCES: Enduring friends - and great lovers! They respect my views on life. I like their courage and enthusiasm. Full of confidence, they achieve tremendous success in their careers. I just love them.

The fruity way to fitness
YOU are extremely active and generally healthy. Very weight conscious, Scorpions are rarely fat. Females born under this sign are slim and energetic. If somehow they do put on weight, it could be because of some internal health problem. Men born under this sign are heavy built, but their bulks do not stop or hinder them from following a vigorous physical discipline. Food is not very important to you. No doubt you relish sweets and drinks, but are generally moderate in your habit. You slog a lot and therefore burn up energy faster. Despite this you donít eat much, consequently most of you have a slim waistline. Scorpio-women are proud of their flat tummies. Scorpio governs the bladder and the generative organs. In women, this sign also rules the womb and the ovaries. Any affliction to Scorpio in your individual birth-chart could indicate troubles like stones in the bladder, venereal disease, or enlargement of the prostrate gland. Excessive indulgence in sex or drinking should be avoided.  You can engage yourself in such a delightful pastime, as eating pastries, having ill effects on your health. It has been noticed that Scorpio-women are fonder of eating than males born under this sign. It is perhaps because women are more conscious of their health. Naturally, after taking vigorous exercise you do need enough replenishment to keep yourself fit. Scorpio-women, who do not follow a career, devote most of their time in health care, with remarkable results. They generally come into their prime around 28, and manage to look as good even after they cross 40.

  Always so cool
You have a very positive attitude to life and living, and this helps a lot in keeping you healthy and sprightly. You rarely let external circumstances interfere with your emotional make-up. It has been noticed that in times of emergency you not only manage to keep your cool but continue to eat and sleep as per your regular schedule. And whenever you are stuck with any health problem you are prompt in taking remedial measures. You dislike being sick. Prolonged illness may cause quite an emotional turmoil with you.
Perhaps it is the awareness of your own weaknesses, which makes you all the more careful. It is generally said of Scorpio persons that they stay healthy by sheer force of will power.

In your case, health and mind are very strongly linked. As long as you remain cheerful and happy youíll remain happy. Those of you who do well in your career generally have unfailing energy. The less successful are prone to frequent health disturbances. Keeping these factors in mind you can plan an active routine and a well balanced diet to keep you strong and healthy. Conforming to a balanced diet may not be much of a problem for you. But at work you tend to suffer from worries and tensions, which play havoc with your health. Have a proper breakfast. Eggs and milk suit your constitution well. If possible have some fresh fruits first thing in the morning. Have a full meal at lunchtime. Never skip lunch. If you think you can live on tea and coffee or just fruit juice you are mistaken. Your body needs proper nourishment, which means three meals a day in your case. Have a protein rich dinner. As such you do love rich foods and can be quite a gourmet when it comes to eating. You can safely indulge yourself provided you make it a point to take regular exercise. The day you stop your physical training, youíll put on weight. Coming back to your diet, fruits are necessary for you. If possible have fresh fruits for dessert. After dinner liqueurs should be avoided. Even a cup of coffee before retiring for the night could cause disturbed sleep. Drink plenty of water at bedtime, and youíll have a restful night.

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