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Sagittarians need exercise and the women of this sign should take special care for they put on weight very easily around the hips and thighs. sagittarius also rules the liver.
Your Key Word = Travel

Positive = Optimism, Higher learning

Negative = Lawlessness,

Element = Fire

Ruling planets = Jupiter
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Some Sagittarius is restless. They take foolish risks and seldom learn from the mistakes they make. You are too outspoken and tactless. They hurt others carelessly by being honest at wrong times. Sagittarius are broad minded and tolerant people. Their standards are very high. People who are associated with the Sagittarius generally admire and respect them. They are lively people, enjoy sports and outdoor life. You are neither selfish nor proud. Remember You are undisciplined and waste lot of energy.

ARIES: I find them understanding and warmly affectionate. They believe in a simple straightforward relationship and do not suffer from any complexes. They are quite daring and enthusiastic by nature, loving freedom and adventure. I love them.

TAURUS: I respect their conventional outlook, but I think that it is deceptive. They have too many involvement's, and are quite reckless in anything to do with love. I find them irritable and dogmatic. We do not get along well.

GEMINI: Methodical in their work and amicable by nature. Full of hope and enthusiasm, they inspire me with a zest for living. They are honest and frank and rarely speak ill of others. I would love to marry a Sagittarian.

CANCER: They think no end of themselves! Most of the time they talk about their own achievements and desires. They show no concern for others, and are far too self indulgent. I do not like them.

LEO: They are hard-working and sincere. I like their purposeful approach to life; they strive for recognition and usually succeed because of their own merits. In love and sex they are discreet. We get along well.

VIRGO: They are too self centered. Egoists, they talk about nothing except their own aims and aspirations. They drown themselves in their own work and activities, hardly devoting any time to others, not even to their families. We cannot strike a note of mutual intimacy.

LIBRA: They are interesting people, full of life and sparkle. Good lovers too, they make exciting partners in sex. Although they do not pay sufficient attention to the finer things of life, I still like them for their honesty and truthfulness.

SCORPIO: They are shallow and dull. Mere talkers, they lack depth and understanding. They are 'weak' in sex, and too soft for my liking. Utterly conventional in their life style and in their outlook, they bore me.

SAGITTARIUS: If they could stick to just one partner, we could get on well. But their urge for variety in love and sex sometimes makes them wander from one affair to another. I like their bold and frank nature and, in spite of their other drawbacks, I love them.

CAPRICORN: I dislike their domineering attitude. They think they are masters of every discipline. I respect their sincere approach to life, but find them too egoistic. They cannot make intimate friends, though they claim to know a large number of people.

AQUARIUS: Enterprising and sincere, they are persons of learning. I like their rational approach to life, but find them neglecting artistic pursuits completely. They dwell more on the mundane plane than on the altruistic. But they are honest friends, and I like them for that.

PISCES: In a relationship they do not really care about the other person. They weigh everything in terms of profit and loss, and usually associate with those who hold high positions in society. In love and sex, they are indifferent to the finer aspects of a relationship, and dwell merely on the physical. I do not involve myself with them.

Don't nibble too often
SAGITTARIANS have well-developed bodies though not necessarily well proportioned. You have a tendency to eat on an impulse. And since you love to eat, you generally nibble at all hours, with the result that when it comes to your proper mealtime you lose your appetiteYours is a fiery sign, which means you use up much energy; consequently you require a nutritious diet. Since Sagittarius rules the thigh, hips and buttocks, you have a tendency to put on weight on these areas. You have a bright and vivacious personality that makes you seem extremely healthy, but in reality you may have a delicate health. Your sedentary habits are the cause of most of your worries. It is very likely that the nature of your work requires more of mental activity than physical labour, but that should not stop you from taking physical exercise. Without straining yourself, you must make it a habit to exercise your limbs. Since the ruler of your sign is Jupiter, which controls the liver, you must take well care of your diet. You have a tendency to suffer from sciatica, rheumatic pain, gout, arthritis in the hips, jaundice, etc.It has been noticed that you are averse to consulting a doctor. Most of you dose yourself with advertised medicines thereby upsetting your system. Coming to your diet, it has been observed that you like exotic food. If you read about a Mughal prince’s favourite dish, you feel inclined to try out the recipe. Sometime you visit famous eating places just for their ambience, eating at roadside stall appeals to you as well.If someone tells you that the extract of a certain fruit or vegetables is good for health you’ll make it a point to have it morning and evening, and if possible, even carry along to work to have it for lunch. You must discipline yourself as far as food is concerned. Eat everything but in moderate quantity. You are known for going on crash diets quite frequently, if only to prove your will power. But the weight of your body tells a different story.

Female Sagittarians should watch their weight from the age of 18, else they have proclivity to grow heavy between the ages of 20-28. Whereas those Sagittarians who manage to keep their waistline under control can boast of a shapely figure, those who become indifferent towards their health will soon find their body, expanding waist down. The best way to stay healthy is to keep your body in shape. Keep revising your diet. Learn to eat different things and cultivate to have a habit of eating less. It may leave you hungry and dissatisfied, but soon your body will get accustomed to it. Set regular meal timings and stick to them. Quite a few of you are fond of late nights and it is not unlikely for you to have two dinners. Plan your meals in such a manner that you have a heavy lunch, a light dinner – maybe a soup and salad, and if non-vegetarian, some lean meat or fish. You can treat yourself to a dessert of fresh fruits but avoid cream.Try a limber-up in the morning followed by a few asanas. Going for long walks may not be of much help. Neither will jogging suffice. You need to exercise the upper part of your body as well. Your arms and shoulders need extra attention.Being endowed with abundant energy you generally lead a very creative life. You work with great passion in your chosen field of activity and hence are generally successful. If you devote some time to health care, you’ll remain in peak form.

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