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Anything wrong withPisean's feet immediatelyirritates him; and pisceans feet are often slightly misshapen.Pisceans should also remember that they do not react well to drugs.
Your Key Word = Confinement

Positive = Spiritual love, Universality

Negative = Diffusion, Escapism

Element = Water

Ruling planets = Jupiter, Neptune
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The Piscean feels that the world is cold and cruel place. They are easily discouraged, this is because of short on will power. The Piscean can often understand the problems of others quite easily. They have sympathetic nature. They are often dedicated in the way they go about helping others.The Piscean are very broad-minded and usually does not criticize other for their faults. They know how to except people for what they are. They are trustworthy earnest and loyal people. Piscean people seek escape through drugs or alcohol, you must avoid it.

ARIES: They are too sensitive and touchy. Highly possessive by nature, they tend to restrict my freedom. I respect their sincerity and loyalty but find them too serious- positively dull. I do not get on with them.

TAURUS: They have depth of character and conviction. I respond to their artistic bent of mind. Sincere and trustworthy in a relationship, they make good friends. They rarely speak ill of others nor do they hurt others feelings. I like them.

GEMINI: I find them indecisive and weak, lacking in purpose. They attach too much importance to their involvement's and tend to be over possessive. Of course, they are honest and just in their dealings, but that is not all there is to a relationship. In love and sex, they are too soft and docile. I would have nothing to do with them.

CANCER: Devoted and faithful, they love home and family life; and in a relationship, they are responsible. I like their complete surrender in love; it is difficult to resist the friendship of a Piscean. I love them.

LEO: They are too soft and delicate, highly emotional and over-sensitive. I find them fussy and tiresome. Although I like their charming manners and the attention they pay to etiquette, establishing intimacy with them seems a bit difficult.

VIRGO: Warm and sincere, they are true friends. In love and affection too, they are enduringly faithful. Highly adaptable, to the point of making compromises, it is easy to live with them. I would be happy to marry a Piscean.

LIBRA: They are imaginative and respond deeply to beauty and Nature. But they pay meager attention to love and sex, which is an essential part of life. I admire their faithfulness in love, but find them monotonous and dull. I cannot fall in love with them.

SCORPIO: In love, their complete surrender overwhelms me. They are simple and straightforward people. Highly passionate, they have a strong sexual urge, which makes them good partners. I would love to get to know them intimately.

SAGITTARIUS: As mere acquaintances, they are tolerable. But I find them too cautious and withdrawn for any closer relationship. They make me feel guilty in anything concerning love and sex. They sound a bit too moralistic and dogmatic. I do not get on with them.

CAPRICORN: Steadfast and restrained in a relationship, they are innocently charming. I like the limitless trust they place in others. It is difficult to betray such honest people. I love them and fortunately we have great rapport with each other.

AQUARIUS: I appreciate their sincerity and truthfulness. But they dwell too much on the emotional plane, getting attached to too many things and people. I can hardly communicate with them on an intellectual or spiritual level. Nevertheless, I like them.

PISCES: They ought not to take life so seriously. They first see the darker side of everything before savoring the happier things in life. If only they paid a little more care to love and sex, we could have a blissful union

What's for Desert
IN our series “Hints for health and happiness” we shall discuss in this feature the real gourmet ---- Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. You have a very sensitive palate and an aesthetic feeling of food. But your appetite needs to be gently pampered. You like to have a company of someone who enjoys cooking and eating. If you don’t live in a congenial atmosphere, you’ll invariably skip meals. You are not the type who eats to live. You attach great importance to the ritual of eating. Someone must plan an elaborate menu for you. The more the effort put to making a dish, the more you enjoy eating it. You are always on the look out for a good eating establishment and drive out to one during weekends or holidays. Pisceans are known for spotting out of the way restaurants. Those of you with the desk job find it real tough to plan your meals. Regular visits to nearby restaurants make eating a dull routine. Pisces being water sign could make you fond of alcohol. It could also make you prone to gastric troubles. As your sign govern the ankles and feet, you are easily susceptible to injuries in these parts. You are very fussy about the quality of your footwear. You will never go in for trendy shoes and sandals. Ease and comfort are more important to you. Most Pisceans wear casual moccasins. Piscean female rarely wears high-heels.Pisces governs the glands, alimentary canal and body. You could be bothered by coronary troubles. You are very emotional and get hurt easily. Most of your health troubles are due to a sedentary lifestyle and mental tension. Stay outdoors more. Quite a few of you love to go on morning walks. You prefer to walk barefoot on the grass. It’s a good habit. But those of you living in hot, humid climates suffer the most for you perspire a lot, and sticky weather could further dampen your spirits. But then most of you cannot bear the cold either. A maritime climate suits you best. The best way for you to remain fit is to be an early riser. Take a little exercise ---- nothing too strenuous. Getting up early in the morning will also give you enough time to enjoy your bath. Pisceans can spend hours under the shower. Have a heavy breakfast. Include honey and milk in your diet. Fresh fruits, especially a banana or an orange, are advised. Try to skip lunch and instead have a glass of fruit juice, or buttermilk. You can have toast and butter with your evening tea. Don’t eat anything till dinnertime. If fond of drinks, restrict yourself to drinking and avoid nibbling snacks. Pisceans love fine wines and appreciate them better if served with a good meal. And if there is music and quiet surroundings, your evening is made. For a change you sometimes go to seaside bars for a drink. Carry on your pastime, provided you drink within limits. Needless to say you’ll indulge yourself in a sumptuous dinner, for that is one meal where you will never compromise. You must have a variety of dishes laid out on the table. And even before you set out to enjoy your supper, you make discreet enquiries about the dessert. Try to take an after-dinner walk before retiring. Sleep on a thin mattress to keep your back in shape.

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