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The knees and teeth are 
emphasized by this sign; dental decay can occur, as can a stiffening of the joints - indeedcapricorn some times limits 
movement by rheumatism.
Your Key Word = Career

Positive = Depth

Negative = Narrowness, Gloom

Element = Earth

Ruling planets = Saturn
Comments =

Some times, Capricorn can be over criticalof others. They expect others to live up to is own high standards. They think highly of himself and tends to look down on others.An honest person, the capricorn is generally serious about whatever he does. They do not take their duties lightly. They are practical person and believe in keeping their feet on the ground. You are ambitious and know how to get what you want out of life.The Capricornian knows how to make use of their self control. Be not influence by opposite gender.

ARIES: They are too career-oriented,ready to sacrifice their ideals to achieve their goals.And in friendship too,they are possessive and jealous. They are vindictive; I can hardly trust them. Somehow we are not very friendly.

TAURUS: They are good companions and devoted lovers. I respect their views on life. Although they speak little, they are gifted with profound understanding. In romance,too, they are responsible and balanced. I love them.

GEMINI: I find them self centered and withdrawn. How can I get to know them when they are forever talking about boring things like their career problems?They don't take any trouble over deepening a relationship, and hardly spend any time in entertainment and socializing. I don't like them.

CANCER: Sincere as friends and faithful in love, they arouse respect. I find their withdrawn nature enigmatic and would love to get to know them intimately. In marriage, too, they are loyal, and love children and family life. I would like to marry a Capricornian

LEO: I dislike their cynicism. They think no end of themselves. They brood a lot and are always worrying. I get board in their company. How can I like them when most of the time they criticized me and my work?

VIRGO: They are extremely headstrong and listen to no reason, they are sensible and known how to get on in this world. I find them hard-working and responsible. In romance and sex too, we are compatible. I love them.

LIBRA: I admire their merit and prudence. But that is not all there is to life. I feel if there is no beauty or romance, life is not worth living; and on this score I find them coarse and dull. Somehow we maintain a respectable distance between us.

SCORPIO: They are people of understanding and knowledge. Through their main goal is material success, I still like their purposeful way of life. They are quite friendly and sympathetic. We get along well.

SAGITTARIUS:They are always running around, a little too anxious about their careers. They hardly ever help others, but they expect others to work for them! A selfish lot, full of conceit and malice, making a big show of their charities. I don't like them.

CAPRICORN: They are loyal and faithful, but I think they devote more time to their careers than to personal relationships. If only they would pay more attention to matters other than work, and show some concern for the opinion of others, we could get along together. I appreciate their steadfastness in friendship.

AQUARIUS: I respect their views- and their efforts in achieving their aims. But they are a bit too materialistic for us to be true friends. They lack finesse in love and reject ideals completely. In sex , I find them coarse; I cannot achieve any rapport with them.

PISCES: I find them good companions in love. They appreciate my view of life. I like to travel in company with a Capricornian; they are good guides and interesting conversationalists; even though they may not speak much. They are well informed, and do not make a show of it.

Have a Balanced Diet
YOU are a lusty eater, with an earthy appetite and a discriminating taste. Capricorn being an earthy sign makes you prudent and practical minded. You like to take care of your health and take proper nourishment. In general, most of you have feeble health until the age of 18, or in some cases up to the age of 28, and thereafter there is marked improvement. Quite a few of you are likely to suffer from indigestion, or other abdominal complaint. Capricorn governs knees and bones. Dislocation or injury to the patella bone is a common occurrence in the lives of Capricornians. Pain in the wrist, or small of the back, could also be a source of inconvenience. Since the ruler of this sign is Saturn it can cause troubles like rheumatism, cold and nervous tension. You have a tendency to be gloomy and depressed which sends you on a food binge. Constant worries and a melancholic nature could upset your digestive system. Be optimistic and lead a carefree life to remain healthy and fit. As far as food is concerned, you take your meals at proper time. You like eating hot and spicy food. Those of you who are used to having bed-tea are not content with just two cups. Not only that, you like to munch quite a few biscuits while sipping endless cups of tea. Thatís for starters. Fond of reading newspaper, youíll not rise from your bed until youíve read each column. After that you rush for bath and a hurried breakfast. The lack of time does not stop you from having a proper breakfast consisting of eggs, bread, butter and jam.

Upon reaching your place of work, you are likely to order something to eat along with your coffee. You are quite hardworking. Though you do not do much physical labour, the nature of your work could leave you exhausted by lunchtime. And that calls for a rich and heavy meal. Over lunch, even while you are enjoying the delicacies, you tend to mourn and groan that the time is not enough. So you return to work quite dissatisfied. May be that is an excuse for having snacks with tea in the evening. After work you have all the time and leisure to plan your dinner. You make sure you have a really elaborate dinner. And since, you are known as a sweet tooth, it is understood that you will have a generous helping of dessert. Now thatís how you spend a hectic day with a busy eating schedule. With such a life style how can you ever imagine to remain slim? It is but natural for you to develop a paunch and double chin.

Meals and Pounces
You should organize your eating habits. Have a balanced diet and try to adhere to it. Granted that the aroma of fried vegetables is enough to whet your appetite, you should learn to exercise strict control. You are a sensuous eater and anything, which looks attractive, or smells delicious, will excite your hunger. If not used to taking physical exercise youíll have problems doing even your routine work after the age of 50. Your legs may be painful for no reason. You could get easily excited. A right candidate for high blood pressure and nervous disorder, you tend to imagine ills. Your emotional insecurity can keep your health rundown. Those of you tied to deskwork are prone to stoop; and if you are not correct in your posture you could develop serious trouble later. A little exercise in the morning will help. Jogging or brisk walking will keep you in shape. Donít take to any strenuous exercise for your body will not react favourably to vigorous training. Swimming and yoga will suit you best. Regular intake of calcium and vitamin B-12 is advisable, but after consulting your physician. To conclude, it has been generally observed that Capricornians live a long life, free from serious health problems. Only those having Capricorn afflicted in their birth-chart may suffer from gout or pulmonary complaint. Try to keep your weight under control. Avoid too much of hot and spicy food.

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