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Virgo rules the nervoussystem and intestines, and Virgoans tend to 
suffer from slight stomach upset, 
often of a digestive type ; many Virgoans are vegetarians, and anyway shouldwatch their diet.
Your Key Word = Work

Positive = Purity, Industry, Analysis

Negative = Fault - finding, Cynicism

Element = Earth

Ruling planets = Mercury
Comments =

You must talk in short. Virgo is very observant person. They are sensitive to how others feel, and can see things below the surface of a situation. You are never secretive or under handed. The Virgo person is generally plain - spoken and down to earth. He has no trouble in expressing himself. Sometimes a Virgo person is too critical. He thinks that only he can do something the way it should be done, whatever anyone else does is inferior.

ARIES: They are good -natured people, but a bit too prudent. They are always harping on career and security, which I don't like. I am an 'outdoor' person perhaps rather brush, whereas I find them a bit sloppy. We don't get along.

TAURUS: I admire their realistic approach to life, their practical ideas. They are homely and sincere. Our tastes, likes and dislikes are identical.

GEMINI: Their hyper-critical nature scares me. They are so fastidious and difficult. I wonder how people find them jovial and friendly. I don't feel at ease in their company.
CANCER: They make loyal, steadfast friends. Quite sympathetic and understanding. They plan their future well. I appreciate their sincerity.

LEO: Too prosaic and dull. I find their conversation inane and their company tiresome. They are more impressed by the material possessions of an individual than by his qualities of character.

VIRGO: No wonder they have few friends - they are perennial fault-finders. They waste their time in meaningless entertainment and futile social functions. In spite of all this, we do get on well.

LIBRA: They are docile and home loving; nice, sincere types. But we are poles apart as far as love is concerned. They aren't artistic either; too careless and mundane. No, we don't suit each other.

SCORPIO: Good friends. I like their sense of humour. In this dull, dreary life it is good to know persons like them. And they are thoughtful partners, skilled in the art of love.

SAGITTARIUS: They are good as family friends. But in personal relationships, I find it difficult to establish any rapport with them. In money matters they are stingy, although they claim to be charitably disposed!

CAPRICORN: I find them inspiring and encouraging, devoted in love. Their realistic approach towards sex makes a relationship easy and pleasant. I love them.

AQUARIUS: Their realism is a bit too commonplace; they never bother to appreciate the finer things in life. Their rather physical approach to love baffles me. There is no meeting ground between us.

PISCES: They are faithful and dependable in friendship. Sincere in love, they make compatible partners. They love domestic life and children. I would be only too glad to marry a Virgoan.

Health-Freaks Aren't You?
NEXT to Cancerians, Virgoans are the most health conscious people ---- not that it stops them from putting on weight, which they do as fast as Cancerians. And this they do despite being extremely cautious in their eating habit. Actually, you are the type who can discuss diet and nutrition in depth. Quite a few of you take up a career in hotel management or catering. Others who follow different profession, some time or the other are found managing the kitchen or eating arrangements at parties and social get-togethers. It is believed that if a Virgoan is looking after food arrangement you can be assured not only of a good supply of eatables, but of a healthy diet.

Your approach to food is quite businesslike. Food means nutrition to you. Quite a few of you are vegetarians by choice. You must have learnt somewhere that rich, non-vegetarian food can in the long run play havoc with your system. But you make sure to balance it by eating dairy products, fruits, cereals, and green vegetables. What tastes good to you is what is natural and simple --- the less the cooking, the better. You are not particularly fond of Ďexoticí delicacies. You will wrinkle your nose at an elaborately prepared dish to prove it has no value. What is important to you is simple food, rich in protein. You may be prone to go on crash diet sometime. It has been observed that your work is sedentary and you tend to suffer due to lack of exercise. Your ruling planet being Mercury, you have a tendency towards nervousness.

Eating yourself Sick
You can invite much intestinal trouble from tension, since Virgo governs intestines. Though you are normally a temperate person and lead a balanced life, you occasionally over-indulge yourself and thereby suffer the consequences. You generally never fall sick, but whenever you do it is invariably due to over-eating. You are prone to suffer from dysentery, typhoid, and gallstone. Your weak points are your nervous system and stomach. You over react to situations, which could cause hypertension. Try to stay clam and collected. Those who have Virgo afflicted in their birth chart are short-tempered, irritable and discontented. Those Virgoans given to emotional troubles are generally overweight and fat. You need to control your mind as much as you need to control your diet. It is a bit surprising though to see a Virgo born suffer from weight problems. Because you are unusually health and diet conscious, you are rarely fat. You need plenty of rest in quite surroundings. You must have a lot of exercise more so if you are living in an urban environment. Be particular about taking holidays. You have a tendency to get so involved with your work that you seldom find time to take leave. Women born under this sign generally lead a very active life, but only until they are 40. Thereafter they like to settle down to household activities. With the result they tend to put on weight. Virgoans even when suffering from minor illness likes to exaggerate their troubles. You are prone to minor injuries. Any complaint in the abdomen should be attended to immediately. You can easily develop colitis. Donít overdo your concern for food. Too much protein and calcium can have adverse effects on your health. You normally like to devote ample time to your morning constitutional.

Have a good breakfast. Donít eat fried stuff in the morning. Have a light lunch; abstain from nibbling in between meals. A protein rich dinner will suit you best. Avoid frequent late nights

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