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Prediction Forecast Horoscope for New Year
APRIL 20 - MAY 21
Taureans are vulnerable to
cold and chills, for Taurus rules
the throat and neck ; it is advisable
to keep the throat protected during
cold weather.
Your Key Word = Money

Positive = Endurance, Loyalty, wealth.

Negative = Obstinacy, gluttony

Element = Earth

Ruling planets = Venus
Comments =

The Taurus person has a good chance to make a success of their life because of his so many positive qualities. You never leave any thing unfinished. Your aims are very high. You do not like to be told that you are wrong, even when you are. You dislike being contradicted. Dear remember money is not every thing in life. You should care about your hair.

ARIES: They are friendly, dependable, but too methodical for my liking. They are so formal in their love-relationships that they cause unnecessary delay in arriving at a mutual understanding.

TAURUS: They are suspicious of others and suffer from an insecurity complex. If they overcome this trait and do not interfere in my personal and private activities, I would like to associate with them.

GEMINI: I hardly get on with Taureans. They think of me as a superficial type, and are also critical of my sex-life. But I must say they admire my artistic traits.

CANCER: We are good friends. They are deep thinkers and good judges of characters. I like their loyalty towards friends, and their quality of always being helpful in time of need.

LEO: They are a bit of a bore. They are sincere, honest and loyal, but too straight-forward and simple. They are good in a love-relationship, but it takes a lot of time to cultivate them.

VIRGO: We get along very well. They understand my views on life. Their artistic bent of my mind lends them a strange aura of charm. They live with good taste, though simply. I like them.

LIBRA: I have come across a number of Taureans, and I find them warm and affectionate. But somehow we have not been able to strike a not of intimacy. It may perhaps be my fault. I lead a bit of a fast life, which they do not like.

SCORPIO: Their consistent attitude attracts me. They are good lovers and make compatible sex-partners. I am attracted by their strong, deep, passionate nature and their penchant for things beautiful. The powerful way they hold and touch you is pleasantly exciting. I could have an enduring love-relationship with them.

SAGITTARIUS: I do not get on with them. They are so vindictive and resentful about my way of life. I cannot communicate with them. I wonder how even people with artistic traits could be so self-centered.

CAPRICORN: I am in love with Taurean. They have achieved a happy blend of artistic and physical reality. They are not idle idealists. We have a lot in common and we respect each other's views. And they certainly know the art of love.

AQUARIUS: They believe in the world of form, and I like to dwell upon the formless. Though they respect my spiritual approach to life, I find them too earthy and physical. They may be artistic, but they lack refinement in matters of sex and love.

PISCES: I find them quite lovable. They respect tradition and conventional in their approach to life; that makes them dependable and sincere. They are exciting lovers and can keep me pleasantly satisfied.

Few can match Taureans when it comes to good health. You may be robust and strong but not necessarily physically fit. Since you adore good food and are indulgent in your eating habits you tend to put on weight. Consequently suffering from problems due to extra weight. You have wonderfully discriminating tastes so much so that you could be called a connoisseur of different cuisine. Quite a few of you may take jobs as chefs if not run your own eating establishment. Few amongst you are discreet in your eating habits. Taureans are known for their strong will power, but when it comes to eating, you cannot resist the tempting aroma of well-cooked food. Naturally you wonder if itís worth denying oneself all delicacies in the world. The saying ďone lives to eatĒ applies to Taureans.  With such a philosophy how can you expect to remain slim and trim? Of course, you didnít gain all that weight overnight. You have been eating and enjoying food to your heartís delight all these years. Some of you tend to be figure conscious. And to keep your body in good shape, you diet! You are good at skipping meals. But all the other members of the household have to co-operate with you by not cooking your favourite dish at home. Naturally, they all know your susceptibilities.

Pot-Bellied People
Taurus being an earth sign makes you extremely sensuous. Itís easy for you to gain weight but not as simple to shed it. For apart from going on an occasional crash-diet you rarely do anything to reduce your fat? Few Taureans take physical exercise. Due to the abundant energy that you are endowed with, you tend to choose laborious activities yet you shirk from physical discipline. Governed by the planet Venus, quite a few of you follow artistic pursuits as a career. Singers, cine artistes and painters are born under this sign. And more often than not, you can be spotted by your square frame, thick neck, and (if not careful) potbelly!

The throat is your region of greatest concern. You have to be careful with tonsils, glands, and other throat conditions. The common cold could cause frequent inconvenience. You are also prone to diphtheria and constipation. Minor problems like pimples, acne and blemishes crop up occasionally. The best way to maintain good health is to cut down the intake of calories. Donít diet, but abstain from munching in between meals. Have a glass of juice, or salad instead. You way even treat yourself to a hearty dinner, and yet will remain healthy and fit. You tend to be fond of sweets and it may be difficult for you to give them up altogether. So, compromise by treating yourself to pastries and sweets only on Sundays. To conclude, be easy on your stomach. Do a lot of exercise, especially for your neck and waistline. A brisk walk or jog may not be of much help. What you need is real vigorous exercise. Keep to the schedule you set for your physical discipline. You are methodical and conscientious in your work, but quite lethargic when it comes to looking after your own body.

Characteristics of Taurus
A steady approach
The fable of the hare and the tortoise holds true in your case as a Taurean and as you follow the example of the tortoise, you have a slow but steady approach to most situations in life. Not one to take chances this seems a natural thing for you to do. Although YOU are ambitious, you do not have lust for power, instead, you prefer to take things calmly and patiently, tackling one situation after- another as they arise. You lack in foresight and this hampers your ambitions although you make a conscious effort to improve yourself in this regard. A smooth operator, you hold your cards close to your chest as you work on the strategy to suit your requirements. You prefer to keep your plans secret and do not wish to disclose them easily. Should the need arise you are willing to do an about turn even in your ideology to suit you and to benefit you to attain what you are aiming for.
As the bull that represents your sign you have an underlying raw energy in you, when channelised into a 'system' and used appropriately- lo behold there is little that you cannot achieve. This verve and dynamism, once organized, produces remarkable results. Part of the Taurus glyph is round like a wheel with an inherent capacity to generate tremendous amount of energy and movement. When the Taurean with the right amount of restraint on the raw energy gives proper direction to his energy, it flows towards accumulation and materialism which is what you are aiming for. For you feel it is material possessions which will provide you contentment. However, when provoked you use this very same energy unmindful of the consequences - that is where the 'bull-headedness' comes into play.

You have an excellent understanding of romance and romanticism. Discreet in public in display of affection however you are very demonstrative in private and make your partner feel loved and happy. Keeping your love and its display a secret is an unnecessary thought on your part. You make your partner feel loved and wanted and create a very good impression; and these feelings are reciprocated!
You are faithful by nature and do not indulge in love affairs unnecessarily. You like to be friendly with the opposite sex but do not go in for casual love affairs. A tendency to show-off ruins to a great degree what can be called a cheerful personality. However, you think this helps you in your relations with the opposite sex and do not count it as something you ought to check. Sometimes, however, you have a weakness for the opposite sex and this could lead you into trouble. A deep love for family life is ingrained in you and being a horng loving person you would like to get married at a young age.
You are fond of music and the fine arts and have a talent for it too. Fond of travel, you have a great desire to visit many places. You visit many places and one of the reasons for doing so is to obtain more knowledge about them as this holds a lot of interest for you. Such is your fondness for travel, literature and music that you always take time out to enjoy these interests of yours. Fond of the good life, you take an interest in the arts, in fashion, food and lifestyle goods.
You have a very inquisitive mind and like to learn a lot in order to gain knowledge. There is within you a great wish to carve outa future for yourself in which you have the scope for research and contributing your knowledge to others. This is apparent in the way you set about achieving your ambition. You do not take decisions quickly but once you do, there is no holding you back from accomplishing what you started out to do. Your approach is methodical and well thought out, not a haphazard attempt. Once you set your mind on some project, it is difficult to get you away from it till it is finished to your satisfaction. In this way you are ambitious but only for the fulfillment of your desire and not for money. You can be ruthless however, and at times it is your nature. Most of the time you keep yourself too busy to bother about petty matters. However, you do not drive yourself too hard as far as your ambitions are concerned and are satisfied if your hard work produces good results, rather than goading yourself to reach the top of your profession. Global in your approach towards promoting yourself you are often seen to influence others to use their knowledge for your benefit. This could manifest itself into an indifference towards others feelings in this regard.
Not afraid of hard work, you toil towards achieving your goals in a methodical and slow pace. You have a basic sense of insecurity but if you work hard it can be overcome. Although you are quite gentle in your approach, if provoked you turn out to be very stubborn and act with a prejudiced mind.

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