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Prediction Forecast Horoscope for New Year
The sign's connection withthe Kidneys is such that anyemotional upset can immediately 
cause a stomach upset, too; a goodreason for controlling the temper !
Your Key Word = Marriage (very important)

Positive = Harmony, Justice, Creative,

Negative = Vacillation, Superficiality, Lazy.

Element = Air

Ruling planets = Venus
Comments =

No doubt you are a great person on earth but you people are very lazy.You admire beauty and grace. Librans are usually very sympathetic, good friends and are loyal. They enjoy company of intellectual's, artists and educated person. Librans are moderate in their views; they believe in keeping an open mind. They are against injustice. Librans enjoy entertaining people and see to it that their guests always feel at home and welcome. Librans enjoy possessions and luxuries. Remember Enjoying sex is not a goal of your life. I am also a Liberian

ARIES: Extremely charming and pleasant, they are so understanding and considerate. I like their out-going nature, and they appreciate my sense of independence. I would love to marry a Libran.

TAURUS: I like their artistic traits. They are interesting companions, too. But we don't see eye to eyes in matters of love. They are easy-going and too indulgent about sex. At times, I am almost afraid of getting involved with them.

GEMINI: An inspiring lot. Great lovers! But they are too frivolous sometime - even for me. They make exciting partners. It is only the fortunate who win the love of a Libran.

CANCER: I think they are a bit showy. Their tastes may be very refined but their life-style is immodest. They are not steadfast and faithful in love. Somehow we don't seem to strike a note of intimacy.

LEO: They are good friends of mine. Charming manners, artistic, pleasant to be with. They make genial hosts. They are fine in matters of sex, though a bit too easy-going.

VIRGO: I think they are a licentious lot. All right, so one can have a fling or two - but their affairs seem to be endless. They are self-centered and usually make friends only with people who can help them to fulfill their ambitions. I don't like them.

LIBRA: They are just not serious about anything. They are merely lucky enough to be rich and successful in the eyes of the world. But they don't strive to achieve any goal. Still, they make adaptable partners in marriage, which is good enough for us to be together.

SCORPIO: I find them too soft and delicate. Even in conversation, they lack depth. They are superficial in love. Totally frivolous. I do not get on with them.

SAGITTARIUS: Great entertainers, they make exciting, absorbing companions. I like their taste for travel. They are good speakers, too, and the center of attraction wherever they go. I like their unassuming nature.

CAPRICORN: Too flamboyant for my liking. They talk too much, being thoroughly over-confident. Pleasure seekers, they pay more attention to physical charm than to mental compatibility. I do not associate with them.

AQUARIUS: I can't resist their disarming smile. They are guileless and innocent. True and sincere friends, they are also fine lovers, adept at the art of love. I love them.

PISCES: I find them irresponsible and flippant. They socialize a bit too much. In love and romance, too, they seek physical pleasure more than emotional ties. They are callous in their relationships. I keep myself aloof from them.

Watch that Sweet Tooth
Librans love all good things that life has to offer. Though your zodiac symbol is the scales, you are hardly known to have a ‘balanced’ diet. Your health is moderately good. You tend to believe yourself to be strong and energetic, but are actually of very delicate constitution, with low resistance to infectious diseases. The nerves, kidneys, and emotional channels are governed by Libra and should therefore be given special attention. This sign also rules the lower abdomen, and the sexual organs in the case of females. Female Librans could suffer from gynaec complaints due to an irregular menstrual cycle. You are highly sensitive and if you let your emotions prevail it will surely throw your system off balance causing serious health problems. It is known fact Librans love good food, and what’s more they are ready to try the unusual. Your library is sure to stock the best of cookbooks. And you are also likely to be well informed about delicacies from different lands. You delight in talking about a new dish, which you might discover while reading a cookbook. But your knowledge of the culinary arts is likely to be theoretical. You may be too lazy to experiment yourself. And preparing all this exotic dishes can be quite time consuming.

The Choicest Meals
You manage to find eating houses that serve the choicest dishes, or you’ll know which of your friends cooks good food. If one is keen on sampling the best of wines and beverages, one should visit a Libran. You give yourself enough time to enjoy your food and drinks. You dislike buffets and quick snacks. You must have ample time to sit and savour your food. Those with a busy work schedule would rather skip meal than have it in a hurry. You have a weakness for fruit juice and buttermilk. Many Librans just love to live on fresh fruits and milk. No wonder they have radiant skin. The heavy intake of liquids, which includes endless cup of tea and coffee, keeps them active. You like food that is not only cooked properly but also served well. Your aesthetic nature makes you a fussy eater. You’ll never visit an unkempt eating establishment howsoever celebrated it may be for the quality of food it serves. You are quite fond of pastries and cakes. A sweet dish is a must on your menu. Your sweet tooth could lead to troubles like colitis etc. causing depletion of energy. And this also makes it difficult for you to stick to a diet. Women born under this sign are figure conscious. No doubt you take physical exercise but you have the tendency to neglect food and sleep. Librans are known for keeping late nights. While exercising, you concentrate on your waistline. So most Libran women have fine sparkling faces and narrow waists.  Try to lead a balanced life. Excess in anything is bad. This cannot be truer than in your case. For if you are told that a particular thing is good for your health, you’ll make sure to have it everyday. Even in your likes and dislikes you go to extremes. When fond of pastries and dry-fruits, you get addicted to these. And as far as alcohol is concerned you never stick to any measures. Eat fresh fruit for breakfast, drink buttermilk or fresh juice for lunch, and for dinner, have a protein-rich meal. It has been observed in your case, that when in love and secure, you keep healthier and happier.

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