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Leo's strong association with the heart can in late yours mean weaknessin that organ, especially if Leo subjects pursue their appetite for the high life and so put too much strain on their hearts.
Your Key Word = Children

Positive = Love, Authority, Integrity

Negative = Egotism, Force

Element = Fire

Ruling planets = Sun
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You are good Leaders, Organizers and Administrators. Usually you are quite popular with others. Leo, however does have his faults at times, he can be just a bit too arrogant. He thinks that no one deserves a leadership positions except him. Only he is capable of doing things well. His opinion of himself is often much too high. You are very materialistic; you can only think in terms of money and profit. Leo person may be good at making a joke. He is a loving person, kind and thoughtful. 

ARIES: Lively and pleasant, they are the very picture of romance. I like them for their uncomplaining nature. They are great lovers too. They give complete freedom to their partners.

TAURUS: They are a little too proud of themselves - and it shows in their slowly life-style. But I do appreciate their respect for tradition. However, they don't take a steady stand in matters of love and sex, so their love-life is erratic.

GEMINI: They are romantic. Well groomed and cultured. I like their dignified composure and regal bearing. We are good friends. Only I avoid getting into an argument with them; I think they are right in their beliefs.

CANCER: They imagine themselves to be righteous all the time. They lecture people on traditions as if they were authorities on the subject. I don't like them. They are too loud and full of airs.

LEO: They flatter themselves too much. Egoists. If they tone down a bit and think of others as equals. We can get along well, no doubt.

VIRGO: They make a big show of their worldly possessions. I think they are full of conceit. They are so dogmatic. I cannot get on with them. They play around in love and come out with lectures on morality.

LIBRA: They are full of life and vitality. I love Leo natives. So true and honest in friendship. And fine sex -partners too. Trust a Leo in time of needs.

SCORPIO: They are loud-mouthed, and talk nonsense. They are lucky in worldly success. But so mediocre in matters of sex. I grant that they are sincere, but too choosy about friends. Perhaps I am just indifferent towards them.

SAGITTARIUS: They attract me. I like their straight-forwardness. They make good companions in love. A sexual relationship might be a bit difficult, but that is understandable since they pay little attention to the physical side of love.

CAPRICORN: I don't like them. They are so self-centered and dogmatic. They always have hangers-on about them. They are a spoilt lot. Their luck in their careers is not commensurate with their talent.

AQUARIUS: Their questionings about the material and spiritual values of life attracts me to them. I like the way they tune their ideals to reality. They are well mannered, refined and tactful. I would like to have a Leo for a life partner.

PISCES: They pay too much attention to outward show and are far too class-conscious. They rate everything in terms of financial success. I do not like them. They imagine themselves to be the very center of society, thinking that all life will come to a standstill without them.

Put your Heart to It
LEO is the second of the fiery trinity, the other two being Aries and Sagittarius. This makes Leo subjects energetic, aggressive, and sometimes high-strung. You lead an active life, which keeps you slim and trim. Since Leo governs the heart, you have to be extra cautious as far as your weight is concerned. Leo always rules the spinal column, dorsal vertebrae and the aorta, and this sign generally influences the bones in our body. Consequently, heart disease, spinal meningitis, etc. could afflict Leo. But it has been observed that your disciplined work schedule and regular eating habits give you an inborn immunity to these diseases. Nevertheless you have to be on constant guard and not fall into a sedentary life-style. In your eating habits it has been noticed that you are more impressed by the company and surroundings than with the food itself. You enjoy having company to dinner. Even when out on work you invariably invite a colleague or an associate to join you for lunch. You are fond of soups and syrups. Your body mechanism is such that you use up energy very fast consequently requiring frequent intake of food. You feel the need to drink lots of water during the day, especially during summer. You should make it a habit to take seven to ten glasses of water every day. Since you eat sparingly you are rarely fat. But bear in mind that since you burn your energy too fast you should never skip meals. You also have a tendency to eat too fast. Hot spicy food is likely to ruin your constitution.In good company and peaceful surroundings you generally eat well. So you must try to have a harmonious environment at home. Keep your life at an even pace; avoid unnecessary worries. Women born under this sign are very energetic. You have the strength and stamina of an athlete. In contrast to Leo males, you have a great appetite and you really like to indulge yourself. Take regular exercise, ---- swimming and yoga is good. Leos should avoid smoking if possible. Drink only in moderation, for alcohol can affect your digestive system. Keep your environment tension free. Fresh air in the morning is must for you. Make it a habit to rise early and go for a morning walk. Eat a hearty breakfast, but don’t eat eggs regularly. Milk or buttermilk, at the breakfast time will be ideal. For lunch have something light. Keep down the calories but get lots of proteins. Have light refreshment at teatime. Even if you work late, have a proper meal. You can follow it up with fruits and creams. In this regards you are “lucky” for you can really satisfy your taste for good food without it having any ill effects on your health. Only keep in mind you don’t grow over weight. Your blood pressure must remain normal for it is connected with the heart (ruled by your sign).
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